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Erik Fenner

Erik graduated from the Columbia University Publishing Course and worked at the Crown imprint of Random House before returning to the pacific northwest in 2014. Outside of publishing he works as the digital marketing lead at one of the largest US made cycling component manufacturers. When not editing or riding a bike, Erik is a fly fisher, board gamer, and maker.

C. Renee Dimalla

With years of publication design experience, Renee loves the symbiosis between the written word and the visual arts. Outside of her work as creative director at Marrow Books, Renee specializes in brand identity initiatives and design for printed materials. More of her work is available at

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Martin Perlman’s “Thinks Out Loud” is a fresh hybrid of science fiction and action adventure.

A band of young bloggers is drawn into the intrigue and suspense of AltaSystemics, a mysterious high-tech startup, whose charismatic CEO has big plans to go way beyond cloud computing. If successful, he'll control access to all information--past, present, and future. To realize his grand ambitions, he needs the help of the innocent Intuitives, the thuggish Connectors, and the unwilling Morse Brothers, dabblers in high-energy particle physics who discover a special form of time travel. Find out more at


"Perlman's metafictional approach leaves both his in-book blog readers and actual readers guessing what is and is not real. . .fans of stories set in the tech world, residents of the Seattle area, and readers who enjoy offbeat and original stories will be entertained." -Publishers Weekly, July 2018